Lisa's Bad Day


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Lisa's Bad Day

by capst

Lisa Foster was having what could generously be described as a very bad day. Probably, no, definitely the worst day
of her life. And her prospects for improvement in the future did not look good.

As with many bad days, it didn't start out to be one. In fact, until it took a sudden turn, it had seemed to be a very
good day, instead.

Lisa awoke that morning feeling refreshed and full of energy. She was a twenty-five year old with a body some men
would kill for. She dropped her red satin nightgown to the floor and looking in the mirror, took stock of herself. 38 D
breasts perfectly formed on her chest. Long brown hair with a slight curl in it cascaded down her back. Flat stomach,
tight ass and long thin legs. 'Enough self-absorption, girl,' she told herself and headed for the shower.

Having showered, she proceeded to pick out her clothes for the day. Lisa started with her lingerie, something both
near and dear to many of her parts. As Imelda Marcos was to shoes, Lisa was to lingerie. She simply adored it. And
possessed it in enormous numbers. She was so well known to the clerks at Victoria's Secret that whenever she
entered the store, clerks would stumble over each other to be the first to greet her and secure the commission. Her
drawers were filled with every variety of sexy lingerie she could find.

'Today could be a special one,' Lisa thought. She carefully picked out a red satin push-up bra and high cut lace
panties that matched. She carefully adjusted them until the fit was perfect. As usual, Lisa spent less time selecting
and donning her outer clothes, a conservative white silk blouse and grey business suit. A slight touch of makeup and
she was out the door and off to work.

The gods of traffic were even kind to Lisa today and she made it downtown in near-record time. She rode the
elevator to the twenty-seventh floor and strode out into the stock brokerage where she worked as an assistant to
Kevin Andrews.

Kevin was recognized as a rising star in the brokerage. He hadn't always been so, but in the last four years, it
seemed that every stock Kevin picked was a sure bet. His first few years in the business were lackluster at best, but
almost overnight he had turned into a superstar. He was generating huge profits for the company, his clients, and
even himself and Lisa.

Today, could be even better. Kevin had information that a certain IPO was going to take off today, guaranteeing
sinful profits for those who knew. And Kevin and Lisa would be among those who would benefit. Lisa in more ways
than one.

Lisa had been having a secret relationship with her boss for over two years. She and Kevin met surreptitiously at
least once a week after hours. Kevin would explain to his gullible wife of four years, Robin, that he had meetings with
clients and investors and business world moguls in the evenings. And this was occasionally true.

They met often at a luxury hotel suite that Kevin kept reserved in a high-rise hotel across the street from the office
(charged to the company, of course). Occasionally, it really did get used by those out-of-town executives as Kevin

As much as Lisa enjoyed wearing her lingerie, Kevin enjoyed seeing her model it for him. And after today, he would
be seeing a lot more of both. After the killing they would make in the market today, Kevin and Lisa planned to reveal
their love for each other and resign from the company.

Kevin would then tell Robin he was leaving her. Robin, who Kevin had taken to referring to as 'that witch' had begun
pressuring him to start a family. This was not something he ever planned on doing, not seeing himself as the daddy
type. It wouldn't matter how much he had to pay to be rid of her. He would have enough money to make her well off
and himself and Lisa, too.

The deal went down at 11:00. By noon, when they sold the stock, their net worth had quadrupled. As prearranged,
Lisa left her letter of resignation 'to pursue other interests' on Kevin's desk and slipped out to the hotel. Kevin would
soon follow, returning to the office later to turn in his own resignation.

Lisa let herself into the subdued mauves and browns of the tastefully furnished luxury suite. 'This is the life,' she
thought. 'And the future.' She proceeded to the bathroom to freshen up and remove her outer clothing. She would
make her grand entrance to the bedroom when Kevin arrived.

When Lisa heard the bedroom door, she quickly exited the bathroom to model today's lingerie selection. 'Behold my
beauty, dar...' she started to say freezing in mid-sentence. Instead of Kevin, she was shocked to see Robin, a.k.a.
that witch. Lisa froze in mid-pose.

'Surprised to see me?' Robin asked the temporarily stunned Lisa.

Lisa attempted to regain her composure as best one can when dressed only in a bra and panties. 'Where is Kevin?'
Lisa asked. 'He's leaving you, you know,' she added.

'No, he isn't,' Robin replied, 'but he's not really leaving you, either.' 'Now be a good girl and go sit down on the bed
while we talk.'

Lisa wanted to strike out at Robin. How dare she suggest that he wasn't going to leave with her? But somehow, she
couldn't resist the order and sat down on the bed.

'Kevin is rich now, he doesn't love you. He and I are leaving, together,' Lisa spat out.

'Oh, you poor girl, listen to me while I explain things,' Robin said. 'When we married, four years ago, Kevin was a
mediocre stockbroker at best, but we were truly in love. I gave him the power of mind that enabled him to make his
fortune. It's quite ironic that he has taken to referring to me as 'that witch' considering that I am one. Unfortunately, I
failed to consider that giving him so much power and wealth, he was bound to attract gold-digging, lingerie-modeling,
trashy sluts like you. You might say I underestimated his weaknesses.'

'But Kevin doesn't love you. He doesn't want a family. He want's me!' Lisa protested.

'And you, my dear, underestimate my strengths,' Robin continued. 'I have already rearranged some aspects of the
world as you know it, with more to follow. Kevin's love for me is now as strong as the day we married. He has lost his
superstar stock picking ability and with it, the fame and temptations people like you carry. When we have finished our
little conversation, I will set the clock back to this morning and you will find that our Kevin bought and sold that IPO at
exactly the wrong moments, losing a fortune. He'll do well enough to live comfortably, of course, but never again will
he rise above the crowd.'

'Now, I have several things to take care of,' Robin said, pointing at the clock on the night table. The hands on the
clock began to move backwards, slowly at first than faster.

'You'll suffer less trauma if you sleep through this, Lisa,' and Robin snapped her fingers. Lisa was asleep before her
head hit the pillow.


Lisa awoke that morning feeling refreshed and full of energy. Her first clue that something was amiss was a strange
unsteadyness when she slipped out of bed and stood up. And why was she wearing an oversize cotton t-shirt to
sleep in instead of her usual luxurious satin. She struggled to peel it off, her arms feeling awkward and difficult to
control. Dropping it to the floor, she looked into the mirror to admire herself. But it wasn't the picture she expected to

Looking back from the mirror was a toddler. She had shoulder length brown hair with a bit of a curl near the ends
and a white bow in it. Her chest was reduced to nothing but a pair of tiny pink dots rather than her voluptuous 38
D's. Her stomach was no longer flat but rounded with baby fat her legs were now short and pudgy. And she couldn't
see her formerly tight ass because that portion of her body was covered by a disposable diaper. Worse than that, it
was an apparently wet disposable diaper.

She looked around the unfamiliar room, painted in bright primary colors and full of toddler toys. The bed she had
rolled out of was a toddler bed. 'Those tacky sheets are covered with...choo-choos...I mean trains,' Lisa thought.

The door opened and a now huge appearing Robin entered the room. 'Good morning, sleepyhead,' Robin cheerfully
intoned. 'How's my baby?'

'Me not a baby,' Lisa vehemently protested in a squeaky voice.

'Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are flat-chested, under three feet tall, missing most of your teeth and wearing a wet
diaper, ' Robin retorted. 'I'd say that qualifies you as a baby.'

Lisa's only response was to put her thumb in her mouth and begin to suck it.

Robin sat on the edge of Lisa's bed so she could speak more or less eye to eye with the little girl. 'I told you that I
was going to make some changes, and that they would be less traumatic if you slept through them. While you may
feel upset, imagine how you would have felt seeing the years melt away from your body. Now you are mine, my
precious little girl. Well, mine and Kevin's. He's your adoring daddy, now.'

Lisa tried to remember her love for Kevin, but what flowed from her heart was now the love of a little girl for her

'This is the morning of the same day we met at the hotel,' Robin explained. 'I rolled back the clock, although I rolled
back yours a bit more than anyone else's. You're now twenty-six months old. Remember how you used to want to
model your lingerie. Well I suppose you won't be modeling anything for the next year or so but those soggy
Pampers. With every humiliating change, you'll lose more of your Lisa Foster and become more Lisa Andrews. I
suppose that in less than six months you'll hardly remember your former life.'

Lisa began to sniffle. She didn't want to cry, she just couldn't help it.

'Don't be sad, my little one,' Robin continued, speaking in the condescending voice adults use when speaking to
small children. 'Let's give you something to look forward to.' Reaching into the dresser drawer next to the bed, Robin
produced a pair of little girl's panties. 'Before too long, you'll be ready for these,' holding out the panties to display
them to Lisa.

Lisa couldn't help it. She actually felt her heart lift at the future possibility of wearing the panties. They looked too
large now, but someday soon she would be big enough. She admired the big girl panties. They were white cotton
with a tiny flower print on them and they even had a ruffle around the leg openings.

'But we aren't ready yet,' Robin told her. And she realized that in her excitement, she was wetting her already
soaked diaper.

Lifting Lisa under her arms, Robin said 'Let's get that wet diaper off of you and make you all nice and dry.'

And as she was reclined on the changing table that's when Lisa realized that today and a lot of future days would
be very bad ones.

The Picture

The End


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