The Three Stages of Training

by capst

"Jeff, it just isn't working out. Maybe we'll run into each other again sometime in the future," Jennifer said into the telephone.

"But...," came Jeff's plaintive reply. He never finished as Jennifer cut him off.

"It's over, Jeff. Bye," and with that, she hung up.

Jennifer Thomas was a very self-assured young lady. At 24, she had already risen to office manager at the Arvis Insurance Agency. Some of the people she had stepped on to get her position were twice her age. The poor slobs would never rise above a menial clerical position.

Her self-assurance didn't just come from her working life. She exuded it in her recreational pursuits, too. She was known locally as an accomplished bicycle racer, having won or finished highly in several local street races. She was an aggressive rider, which didn't win her too many friends. Everyone knew that she would give no ground. Jennifer would rather take a tumble during a race than give up the inside track on a turn.

The other athletic endeavor that she enjoyed was rock climbing. Jennifer stood 5 foot 8 inches, was well muscled but not overly so. Her most prized possession on her body was her pair of 40D breasts. Combined with her slim waist and muscular limbs, she could pick up on practically any guy she set her sights on. And she did this often.

In fact, that was the basis of her major character flaw. Jennifer was unable to maintain an attachment with a male. The psychologists would tell you this came from a fear of abandonment...and they would be right. Her father had walked out by the time she was two, never to be seen again. This led her to break up with a man before he ever had the opportunity to leave her. No matter how good the guy was to her, they would get dumped before they knew it, just like her latest, Jeff.

At 5:00 sharp, Jennifer closed up the Arvis office for the three day Memorial Day weekend, but not without a last admonishment to her staff. "Don't over do this weekend, folks. I expect to see you all on time Tuesday morning."

Jennifer headed to her Corvette convertible and headed for her apartment.

As she drove, she planned out her weekend. Saturday she would sleep in, do some mall shopping, and then maybe some boyfriend shopping at the bars. After all she wasn't saddled with Jeff, anymore. Sunday, she had the annual 20K bike race through town, and Monday she planned to go out to the State Park west of town and do a little solo rock climbing. With no plans for Friday night, she thought she might as well relax, maybe catch up on some magazine reading.

She hoped that her roommate, Erin Lasalle would be out tonight. If she was going to read, she wanted to have some quiet in the apartment. Her roommate was a little bit annoying at times, always wanting to talk. Jennifer wished she didn't have to share the apartment, but financially it was necessary at the moment. To afford a nice place, what with the payments on the 'Vette, she just couldn't be on her own.

Jennifer's roommate Erin was still something of a mystery, even though they had lived together for three months. Erin had a job at one of those weird occult bookstores. She was 23, but always seemed older and more mature than that. On the few occasions that Jennifer had dragged her along bar-hopping, Erin was always quiet and reserved. She seemed more content with observing than being an active participant.

Jennifer arrived home and was pleased to find no sign of Erin. She microwaved a frozen pasta dinner (needed to load some carbs before the bike race) and wolfed it down, then settled into her bedroom. She had just picked up the latest copy of People when she thought her luck had run out. She heard Erin come in the front door.

"Hi," Erin called out and Jennifer responded in kind. Jennifer felt lucky. Erin didn't come to her room. It sounded as if she had something to do. She heard Erin put something down in the living room and head into the kitchen. She returned to her reading while she could.

After a few minutes, Jennifer noticed a strange odor wafting into her room. Erin must have brought home one of those strange candles from her store and lit it in the living room. She wished Erin would confine her oddball practices to her own room and not the common areas, and she hoped the candle wouldn't set off the smoke detector.

She set down the magazine so that she could go gently suggest Erin move the candle to her own bedroom, but she couldn't. Not that she couldn't make the suggestion. She couldn't move. Lying on her back with her arms at her side, she couldn't move a muscle. The strange scent of the candle was overpowering. She tried to call out for help, but that didn't work either. She was completely paralyzed.

"Don't panic, Jennifer," came Erin's voice as she entered the room. The words seemed somehow soothing and Jennifer calmed.

"In the short time that I've been in your life, I've seen that though outwardly happy, you will never be inwardly happy," Erin continued. "Don't worry, my sole purpose here is to fix that for you. Your only investment will be a little time. For this three-day weekend, I will be in total control of you. I will be taking you through some training. You might call them the three stages of training for womanhood. After the weekend, you will return to your prior life with only minor changes and, hopefully, much enlightenment. You will see the reality that I present before you. I will be seen as whoever I need to be to present your lessons. Your surroundings will also change to suit the lesson. You will never forget who you are but will function only in the reality you see. Now sleep. You need to rest for the training."

And Jennifer slept.

Jennifer woke up to a knocking on the door of her room. The door opened and in popped Erin, her big, wait, that wasn't right. Yes it was.

"Come on, sleepyhead, you've wasted half the morning. Remember our plans? This is a big day," Erin called out.

"Okay, I'm coming," Jennifer grumbled as she hopped out of bed. She remembered her anticipation of the day. Her big sister was taking her out shopping for her first training bra. She realized that she had dropped the magazine off her bed. She must have fallen asleep last night while reading an article about Leonardo DiCaprio in Teen Magazine. She walked over to the mirror over her dresser, leaned forward and kissed the poster of Leo that was taped to it.

She moved her gaze to the mirror. Looking back at her was her sixth-grade, twelve-year old self. This couldn't be right. She was a grown woman, not a girl. But somehow, she needed to accept it.

She turned sideways and smoothed her nightgown over her chest. Was there a hint of development there? She hoped that someday she would have big breasts like Erin.

Jennifer pulled off her nightgown and pulled on a white t-shirt with the logo of Washington Elementary School on it. She would be graduating in a few weeks and moving on to junior high. That gave her a few pangs of anxiety. She pulled on a pair of blue-jean shorts over her cotton Barbie underpants and slipped on a pair of sandals. Then she brushed her hair back in a pony-tail.

She was ready to go to the mall with her big sister.

"Erin, I'm ready to go," shouted the now twelve year old Jennifer.

"Okay," Erin answered. "Let's go shopping. It's not every day that I get to take my little sister out shopping for her first training bra."

They left the apartment and walked down to the parking area. Jennifer started to head for the driver's side of the Corvette. "No, that's not right," she thought to herself letting out a little giggle. She turned and got in the passenger door thinking her big sister sure had a neat car.

Entering the Westside Mall, Erin suggested that they head for the food park and have lunch before they got into serious shopping. On the way, they passed the video arcade. Jennifer couldn't help looking at a cute boy, a little older than her, maybe thirteen who was playing a game right by the entrance. He was so cute. She was so intent in her gazing at him that she stumbled over the corner of a planter, shouting out as she almost fell which served to draw a lot of attention to her. Her face reddened as she and Erin continued on their way, Erin sporting a little unnoticed smirk.

"Not quite so confident anymore, is she?," Erin thought.

Lunch was less eventful. Erin had a two item combo from the Chinese place and a Diet Coke. Jennifer got a Hot Dog on a Stick and lemonade. After they finished their meals, they set off shopping.

As they walked down the mall, Jennifer kept looking wistfully at the mannequins in the windows of the various shops that catered to juniors. She could only wish that someday she could wear outfits like those. They ended up in the girl's department at Mervyn's.

"Here's a couple of different sizes for you to try," Erin called out, handing two white cotton training bras to Jennifer. "Let's go to the dressing room."

Jennifer took them thinking, "Wow, my first training bras, cool."

"Take off your t-shirt and try them," Erin told Jennifer as she entered an open dressing room. "I'll be right back."

Jennifer took off her t-shirt and looked at her slim profile in the mirror. "Maybe, just maybe, something is starting to grow on my chest," she thought. She took the first training bra from the hanger and slipped her arms through the straps. It was a 32AA. She reached behind her and tried to hook the hooks. It was a frustrating feeling. She couldn't get the hooks connected. Whenever she seemed to be getting close, one side would slip from her fingers or her pony tail would get in the way.

"Sorry, I should have stayed to help you. I forgot how difficult this can be to learn," Erin said returning to the dressing room with a couple of other clothing items. She easily performed the hooking maneuver for Jennifer.

"This one seems a little loose. Better try the 30AA," Erin commented. She unhooked the 32 as easily as she had hooked it, then deftly hooked the 30. "That one's a perfect fit."

Jennifer looked in the mirror. She imagined herself growing up to have breasts as big as Erin's. Erin pulled off the tag and said, "Might as well buy it so you can wear it. Here, try these, too." Erin handed a white tank top and a denim skirt to Jennifer.

Jennifer pulled on the top. It had thin straps and fit somewhat tightly over the training bra. It had a pink heart printed on the front. The shirt stopped just above her belly button. She took off her shorts, exposing her cotton Barbie panties briefly and pulled on the skirt. It was short and flared. She found that she couldn't pull it high enough to meet the shirt without exposing her panties. The outfit, as she had to wear it, left her bare midriff exposed.

"You look so cute," Erin remarked. "I'll pull the tags to pay and you can wear your new outfit."

"Cool," Jennifer said. But deep down, she was just a little nervous about wearing such a revealing outfit.

Erin paid for the clothes and they put Jennifer's old shorts and elementary school t-shirt in a bag. As they walked back into the mall, Jennifer couldn't help but think that everyone in the mall was watching her.

They spent the rest of the afternoon hitting the various mall shops. Erin tried on a variety of outfits. At a couple of the shops, sales clerks commented to Jennifer that "it won't be long before you'll be able to shop here, too." This made Jennifer feel anxious to grow up.

It was after 5 when they made it back to the car, this time Jennifer heading directly for the passenger door of the Corvette. "Let's head for dinner," Erin said and Jennifer realized just how hungry she was.

Jennifer couldn't help but feel disappointed when her sister drove past McDonalds without stopping. Erin pulled into the parking lot of The Grill, a popular hangout among those in their early twenties.

They were seated at a table not too far from the bar. The waiter asked, "Can I get you ladies something to drink?"

Erin answered for both, "I'll have a rum and Coke, and my sister will have a Shirley Temple."

When the waiter returned with the drinks, the ordered dinner. "I'll have the chicken fajitas," Erin said.

"I want the grilled cheese and fries," Jennifer said having fewer choices from the kid's menu.

As they waited for their food, Erin scanned the early crowd at the bar. She spotted Jeff, until yesterday Jennifer's guy, and waved him over. "Care to join us, Jeff," Erin asked. " You look a little down."

Jennifer's heart fluttered. She knew Jeff. She liked him. She hoped he would join them.

Jeff sat at their round table about equally spaced between the two girls. "Yeah, I'm a little down. Jennifer dumped me yesterday," Jeff told Erin.

"I heard and I'm so sorry for you," Erin responded.

Jennifer's thoughts raced. Some other girl named Jennifer just dumped him. He doesn't have a girlfriend. Maybe... Tired of being left out of the conversation, she cleared her throat.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Erin apologized. "Jeff, this is my little sister. Her name is Jennifer, too."

"Hi," Jennifer said, too tongue tied to think of anything else to say. She did flash Erin a look though thinking she could have left the word little out of the introduction.

"Hello," Jeff answered Jennifer. "You seem much sweeter than the other Jennifer I know."

That comment made Jennifer's heart flutter even more. But then, much to her dismay, Erin and Jeff launched into a boring discussion of various adult topics. Work, politics, and more dumb stuff. Jennifer strained to look for an opening to enter the conversation, but she couldn't find one.

She thought back to what her sixth-grade friends said about getting boys to like them. Kimmy, her best friend, always told the girls that boys like to see girls panties. If you showed a boy your panties, then he would like you. Kimmy was smart, too. She must be right because she was 'going' with Aaron, the cutest boy in the whole school.

Jennifer adjusted her chair to turn towards Jeff. She spread her legs apart, hoping Jeff would see. He did glance her way for a second but quickly turned his attention back to Erin. She tried sliding down in the chair a little so that her skirt would ride higher, but Jeff paid her no attention.

Erin leaned close to Jeff and whispered, "We just bought Jennifer her first training bra. Why don't you tell her how mature she looks."

Jennifer was so intently focused on Jeff that she didn't hear Erin's whisper. She tried one more sliding adjustment in her chair just as Jeff turned and started to speak. "You certainly are a mature..."

Disaster struck. Just as Jeff spoke to her, Jennifer's position adjustments caused her to slide off the chair and onto the floor. In doing so, her skirt flipped up completely, showing Jeff all of her panties, a lot more than she intended to. Humiliated by her fall, she jumped up and started to cry drawing the attention of everyone in the restaurant. Unfortunately, her skirt stayed up until Erin could reach over and recover her modesty.

"It's okay," Erin comforted the sobbing Jennifer. Erin took her to the rest room and tried to calm her down. "Don't worry, nobody saw anything that doesn't get seen on little girls every day." Slowly, Jennifer calmed down. They were able to make their way back to the table just as their dinners came. Jeff was gone.

Dinner was eaten quietly. Jennifer was famished and enjoyed her sandwich and fries with a lot of ketchup. By the time they left Jennifer, resilient as most children, had forgotten her embarrassment.

Erin pulled into a parking lot. "Wait here and I'll be right back with a surprise," Erin said and she walked off to Blockbuster Video.

When she returned, Jennifer instantly started to pester her. "What movie did you get me." She secretly hoped it was 'Titanic' so she could see Leo again."

"Wait till we get home," was all her sister would say.

"Go and get dressed for bed while I get the tape ready," Erin told her when they entered the apartment. "Wait, let me help," she added as she slipped her hand under the back of her shirt and unhooked her training bra.

Jennifer went to her room and undressed quickly. She wanted to get to the movie. She opened the drawer and changed into a clean pair of Barbie panties, pulled on a Barbie nightgown, and headed for the living room couch.

"Here you go," Erin said as she pushed the play button. First came trailers for several Disney cartoons and an ad for Disney World. She really would like to go there someday. Then came the movie. It was The Little Mermaid. She was disappointed at it being a kid movie at first, but she got into it as it went along, happy to see that Ariel got her handsome man in the end.

She was near sleep when the end of the movie came. Erin led her off to bed, saying "Get a good rest, Jennifer. You have more training tomorrow." Jennifer was too tired to wonder what she meant.


Jennifer woke up to a knocking on the door of her room. The door opened and in popped Eric, her, wait, that wasn't right. Yes it was.

"Come on, sleepyhead, you've wasted half the morning. Remember our plans? This is a big day," Eric called out.

"Okay, I'm coming," Jennifer grumbled as she hopped out of bed. She remembered her anticipation of the day. Her Daddy was taking her to the park and for a ride on her new bike. The bike was the dream of every six-year old girl. It was pink and purple and had streamers from the handlebars and training wheels and everything. She took off her Little Mermaid nightgown and surveyed her room. Little Mermaid posters, Little Mermaid bedspread, why she was even wearing Little Mermaid underpants. She giggled. She pulled out a Little Mermaid fleece set from the drawer. She pulled the sweatshirt over her head being careful not to mess up her pigtails and stepped into the skirt, pulling it up.

She was going to have a great day with her Daddy.

Jenny walked out of her room. "Come have breakfast," Daddy called, and she turned into the kitchen.

Climbing up onto the chair, she dug in to what seemed to be a massive bowl of Cocoa Crispies. "Thanks, Daddy," Jenny mumbled through a mouthful of cereal.

"You're welcome, pumpkin," Daddy answered. "I'm packing our lunch for our day in the park. We can go as soon as I've finished, so hurry with your breakfast."

Jenny concentrated on her cereal. She managed to keep most of the milk on the spoon, only slopping a little onto her Little Mermaid placemat. When Daddy Eric finished packing the picnic basket, they were ready to go.

They walked down to the garage. Jenny was excited to see her new bike in the back of Daddy's pickup truck. It was locked in next to Daddy's big bike. Excited as she was, she couldn't help envying the big bike. She hoped to herself that someday she would have a big bike, too.

Jenny climbed in the passenger door of the truck (with a little boost from Daddy) and he buckled her in her booster seat. Then they drove across town to the park. They did have to detour a little. some of the roads were blocked for a big bicycle race through town. When Jenny saw the racers speeding by, she thought how dangerous it looked to ride that fast. She would be content just to ride slowly.

When they got to the park, the six-year old Jenny could hardly contain her self. She jumped up and down as Daddy unloaded the bicycles. Then he pulled out a wrench and had Jenny get on and off the bike several times while he adjusted the seat and handlebars to fit her now tiny frame. She loved the pink and purple bike and especially the streamers that came out of the ends of the handlebars.

"Don't forget this," Daddy said, producing a pink and purple helmet that matched her bike. He proceeded to buckle it on her head. "Now don't forget," he warned her, "you can't turn as sharply as you could on your tricycle. The training wheels kind of restrict that. And to stop, you have to remember to push back on the pedals for the brakes."

"I know, Daddy," Jenny replied.

"I just want to keep you safe, pumpkin," Daddy continued. "Bikes can be dangerous."

And they rode off through the park. Eric lead the way, pedalling slowly.

"Wait up," Jenny exclaimed, huffing and puffing. Even though Daddy was pedalling slowly and pausing frequently, Jenny couldn't seem to keep up. The slightest rise, like they were going up now, required Jenny to pump her legs even harder.

"Wanna' rest," Daddy asked as she finally caught up to him at the crest of the hill.

"Just for a minute," Jenny answered and she climbed off the bike and sat on the grass to catch her breath.
She looked again at her beautiful bike and her handsome Daddy and thought what a lucky girl she was. She hoped that when she grew up, she could marry someone just like Daddy.

They set off again, this time down a fairly steep hill. Jenny noticed the finish banner for the bike race ahead, over the road paralleling their path. She marveled at the bike racers she saw heading for the finish line. As she picked up speed coming down the hill, she was turning her head to the side and watching the racers. She pedaled hard, the streamers flying from her handlebars as she imagined she was winning the race, but she forgot to keep her eyes on the road.

Smack. She ran right into the back of Daddy's bicycle. More from surprise than force of impact, she tumbled off her bike and scraped her knee on the sidewalk. "Ow," she shouted, then began to cry.

"Are you okay, pumpkin," Daddy questioned as he jumped off his bike and held her. "I'm sorry. I stopped to watch the racers."

"It was my fault, Daddy. I was watching the racers too," Jenny blurted out between sobs. " I was dreaming that I was in the race and I forgot to watch where I was going."

"Let's fix you up," Daddy said. He took the small first aid kit from under his bike seat. "This may sting. Try to be a big girl."

Jenny bit her lip and tried to be brave as her Daddy wiped her scraped knee with an antiseptic wipe. It did sting. Then Daddy put on a Little Mermaid bandaid. "Good as new, pumpkin," he laughed. "And look, the bandaid matches your outfit."

Jenny giggled as she wiped away her tears.

"That's enough bikes for today," Daddy said unbuckling her helmet. "Let's walk the bikes back over to the truck.

"Daddy was right," Jenny thought. "Bikes can be dangerous."

They locked the bikes into the bed of the pickup and Daddy pulled out the picnic basket and a big blanket. They set themselves up on the grass near the playground.

"Here, I brought all your favorites, Jenny," Daddy told her. And he was right. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Cheetos, and an apple juice box. Daddy helped her poke the straw into the juice box. The talked and laughed over lunch, Jenny babbling on endlessly over a variety of topics that interested a six-year old girl. Beanie Babies, her upcoming kindergarten graduation, the Little Mermaid. By the time lunch was over, Jenny had a bad case of Cheeto fingers and lips. Daddy produced a wet wipe from the basket and cleaned up her fingers and lips.

Jenny felt a feeling that was new to her. "I love you, Daddy," she exclaimed softly and she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"I love you too, pumpkin," Daddy replied and he kissed her forehead. They locked their arms around each other in a hug.

"Daddy, let's go to the playground," Jenny said after they had picked up their picnic gear.

"Okay sweetie, sounds like fun," Daddy answered.

Jenny rushed her Daddy to the playground equipment. She slid down the big slide fearlessly (as long as Daddy was there to meet her at the bottom). She swung her way across the monkeybars recklessly (since Daddy was right below her to grab her if her arms gave out). With Daddy's help, she pulled up to the crossbar and did flips on it. She didn't care that these moves showed her Little Mermaid panties to everyone. After all, little girls don't think about such things.

They spent the afternoon playing that way, enjoying the security of a father/daughter relationship. Finally, with Jennifer nearly worn out, they headed to the truck.

Jenny was starting to doze off in her booster seat as Daddy drove out of the park.

"Two stops to make and then we'll be home," Daddy told Jenny. The first was familiar. Daddy stopped at Blockbuster. "I'll be right back," Eric said as he dashed into the store for a tape.

When he came back, he drove down the road, turning into the drive-thru line at McDonalds. He ordered his own food and a Cheeseburger Happy Meal for Jenny. "What's the toy, Daddy," was her first question. To her delight it was a mini Beanie Baby. "For my collection! Thank you, Daddy."

When they got home Jenny quickly ate her meal. The food tasted really good to her.

"Bath time, sugar," Daddy called.

Jenny went into the bathroom to see that Daddy had run her a nice warm bubble bath. She stripped down and climbed in. It felt wonderful. Daddy helped Jenny wash her face and get all clean.

"Okay, time to get out," her Daddy told her.

"Awww. Do I hafta'," Jenny questioned.

"Yes, you do," Daddy answered, "but we have a tape to watch before bedtime."

Daddy toweled Jenny dry. He held out a clean pair of Little Mermaid panties that she stepped into and he pulled on her Little Mermaid nightie.

Back in the living room, Daddy started the tape and cuddled Jenny on the couch. She felt so safe and secure with him. The tape was Barney's Adventure. She laughed at the antics of the purple dinosaur.

By the end of the movie, she was dozing off after her busy day. Daddy carried her off to her bed and tucked her in, kissing her good night. The last thing she remembered was Daddy whispering something about a good night's sleep and more training tomorrow.


Jenny woke up to a knocking on the door of her room. The door opened and in popped Erin, her, wait, that wasn't right. Yes it was.

"Come on, sleepyhead, you've wasted half the morning. Remember our plans? This is a big day," Erin called out.

"Okay, I'm coming," Jenny said as she slid out of her toddler bed, a crinkling noise coming from under her nightie. She remembered her anticipation of the day. Her Mommy was going to take her to Discovery Zone. Since she was a big girl now, she could climb and play a whole lot. She took off her Barney nightie and surveyed her room. Barney posters, Barney bedspread, Barney was even on the waistband of her soggy Luvs diaper. She giggled.

Mommy came into the room carrying a pink package. "We're going to try something special today, Jen-Jen." She helped Jen off with her nightie and lifted her onto the changing table. She removed the wet diaper and cleaned up her private parts with a baby wipe.

"Now that you're three," Mommy told her, "we're going to try using training pants." Mommy opened the package of Pull-ups and produced a pant pulling it up Jenny's legs.

"Big girl panties," Jenny exclaimed, "with Minnie Mouse."

"But you have to remember to think about using the potty," Mommy warned. "You need to let me know so I can help you keep your pants dry."

"I'll try, Mommy," Jen-Jen promised.

She was going to have a great day with her Mommy.

Mommy helped the three year old Jenny pull on a purple dress with Barney on the front. It was short, barely covering her big-girl pull-ups. Tiny white socks with lace around the ankles and tennis shoes with velcro closers completed her outfit. Her hair barely reached her shoulders, too short to tie back.

"Let's go have breakfast," Mommy said, leading Jenny to the kitchen. Jenny crawled up onto the booster seat on her chair at the kitchen table.

"Here you go, sweetie," Mommy said placing a bowl of oatmeal on the Barney placemat. "Whoops, I almost forgot," Mommy said. She grabbed a Barney bib from the counter and snapped it around Jenny's neck.

"Mommy always takes such good care of me," Jenny thought as she vigorously ate her oatmeal. She was doing fine until she was almost done. Then she reached to grab her cup of milk, forgetting to put the spoon down first. The spoon struck the cup and spilled it on the table. Just then, Jenny felt a sudden urge from her abdomen. "Sorry I spilled, but Mommy, gotta potty," she called.

"Good girl for knowing that, Jen-Jen," Mommy praised. "Let's go." Mommy took off her bib and hustled her to the bathroom.

Mommy pulled down her pull-up and lifted her to the potty. With her legs dangling, Jenny had to struggle to balance on the seat. She peed and pooped and was rewarded with praise by her Mommy. Mommy used a baby wipe on her bottom and let Jenny pull her own pull-up back up. "What a big girl," she said.

Jenny went back out to the living room. Mommy turned on the TV to Barney and went into the kitchen to clean up. Jenny loved watching Barney. She laughed and laughed. When the show was over, she felt sad. "Mommy, I wish I could watch Barney all the time," she pouted.

"But we've got fun things to do today, honey," Mommy replied. "Time to go."

Mommy grabbed the diaper bag and ushered Jenny out of the apartment. They walked down to the parking area. Mommy slid open the door to the mini-van and buckled Jenny into her carseat, then walked around to the driver's door. The drove off, heading a short distance to the freeway.

As soon as they went up the on-ramp, Jenny felt the need to pee. "Mommy, I need to pee-pee," she exclaimed.

"There's nowhere to stop here, just try and hold it in," Mommy answered.

Jenny squeezed her little legs together and concentrated on holding in the pee, and with all her faculties focused on just that, she could just hold it. But when Mommy had to brake suddenly because a car cut her off, Jenny lost her concentration just long enough to start wetting. And once she started, she couldn't stop. "Mommy, I'm peeing," she cried.

"Don't worry, baby," Mommy reassured her. "Potty training is hard, and you'll have a few accidents. That's why you need the pull-ups for a while. When we get where we're going, I'll change you."

They exited the freeway and pulled into a parking lot. "Okay, we're here," Mommy said.

"Where," Jenny asked, unable to read the brightly colored signs on the building.

"Discovery Zone," Mommy answered. "You're going to have so much fun."

After Mommy paid and they were given their matching wristbands, Jenny putting her tennis shoes in a cubby, they went to the rest room to take care of Jenny's accident. Mommy lifted her to the changing table and removed the wet pull-up. After letting Jenny try to pee again on the potty, she put on another pull-up from the diaper bag.

Then Jenny went out to play. She played in the ball pit, burying herself and jumping in and out of the plastic balls. She crawled through the tubes and slid down the slides. She was having trouble in one area, though. She was experiencing difficulties climbing on the cargo netting that led to the top of the big slide. It seemed that it would be easy for her, but balancing was difficult. Whenever she grabbed for a rope to pull herself up, it seemed to taunt her by twisting out of her grasp. "Climbing was so hard," she thought.

On her fourth try to climb the net, disaster stuck. She had almost made it to the top when, overconfident, she made a long reach to the top rung. She missed and pulled her arm back, overcompensating. Her balance off, she slipped backwards falling all the way (4 feet) back down, plopping onto the mat at the bottom with her padded bottom. Scared by her fall she simultaneously cried and peed.

"Mommy, Mommy," Jenny sobbed as her Mommy came and picked her up to comfort her.

"It's okay, Jen-Jen," Mommy consoled her. Feeling the warm pull-up against her side, Mommy sighed. "Time to go back to the rest room, I think."

They repeated the ritual of the changing table and potty, and Mommy put another dry pull-up on Jenny. "I thought this would go better, honey, so I only brought two pull-ups," Mommy said. "If we need another one, I'm afraid we'll need to go back to diapers."

"I'll try harder, Mommy," Jenny promised.

Jenny went back and played some more, but she avoided climbing on the net any more. It was just too hard. By the time Mommy told her it was time to leave, she was just plain worn out. Mommy took her to the car, buckled her in her carseat, and before they were out of the parking lot, Jenny was drifting off to sleep, noisily sucking her thumb.

She awoke as the car turned into the McDonalds parking lot. And she realized she had wet her pull-up while she slept. "It was hard to stay dry," she thought.

"Sorry, Mommy, I wet again," she reported when Mommy unbuckled her seat.

"Oh well," Mommy answered. "Back to diapers for now. We'll try these pull-ups another time."
She took Jenny to the restroom and put her on the changing table. She again took off the pull-up and used a baby wipe to clean her privates, then pulled out Jenny's familiar Luvs and taped it onto her.

After buying her food and Jenny's Happy Meal, Mommy pulled a high chair over to a table.

"No want high chair," Jenny protested. "Me big girl."

"No, Jen-Jen," came Mommy's answer as she effortlessly whisked Jenny into the high chair and deftly buckled her. "You're still Mommas little baby."

As Jenny started on her food, Mommy reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a baby bottle. She poured Jenny's milk into it and screwed on a nipple. "Since you spilled your cup this morning, let's use this for safety, honey."

Jenny was going to protest, but she didn't think she would win so she backed down. After all, she was sitting in a high chair and wearing a diaper. Maybe she was just a baby. By the time she finished the milk, she was comfortable with the bottle and the high chair. "Mommy takes such good care of me," she thought.

After they finished their meals, Mommy drove Jenny home. "Bath time," Mommy announced, helping Jenny out of her dress and diaper and into the warm bubbles.

Jenny felt warm and comforted and cared for as Mommy washed her body and hair. When she got out of the tub, Mommy diapered her and pulled on her Barney nightie.

"I love you, Jenny," Mommy told Jenny as she kissed her forehead and tucked her into her toddler bed.

"I love you too, Mommy," Jenny muttered as she drifted of to sleep.


Jennifer woke to the alarm clock and thought about pushing the snooze button to grab a few more minutes sleep. Two thoughts prevented her from doing so. The first was her job. She didn't want to be late for her filing job at the Arvis Insurance Agency. The office manager, Betty, who had been there for 25 years, didn't take kindly to people who were late, especially after three-day weekends. The second thing that kept her from sleeping was an urgent call from her bladder. She needed to pee.

She rushed to the bathroom, just barely making it to the toilet in time. Then she quickly showered. She stopped to look at herself in the mirror before dressing. She looked okay. She wished that her b-cup breasts were a bit bigger, but other than that, she had no complaints.

Jennifer picked her clothes carefully. She needed an outfit that would do for work clothes, but also double for her date tonight with Jim. She always felt warm and secure with him. In fact, she was sure that tonight Jim was going to pop the question.

Daydreaming for a moment, she thought of herself as a wife and a mother. She wanted to have a little girl of her own to love and teach and train as she grew.

Dressed, she walked out to the kitchen. "Good morning," she said to her roommate Erin.

"Good morning, Jennifer," Erin replied. " You look nice today."

"Thanks," a blushing Jennifer answered.

"I hope this doesn't put you in a bind," Erin started, "but I wanted to let you know that I got a better job offer out of state, and I need to leave in a week."

Jennifer felt sad about losing her friend that she enjoyed talking to so much, but was also happy for Erin. "That's great, I'm happy for you," Jennifer said. She made a mental note to call her mother and let her know what was happening. "I've been saving up my money, so I won't have a problem living here alone."

"Ooops, look at the time," Jennifer observed. "We'll talk later," she said, grabbing a breakfast bar to eat on the way to work. "I may have news for you if Jeff asks me what I think he's gonna ask me tonight."

"That's terrific," Erin told her excitedly as Jennifer went out the door.

Jennifer walked down to the parking area and got into her Honda
civic to head off to work.

She was going to have a great day.



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