Ups and Downs

by capst

Jennifer was in a panic.

She had been transformed. Her point of view was different. Her room was different. And her body...that was different now too.

She had the body of a young teen. Small, pert breasts contained by a B-cup bra. Long silky blonde hair hanging half-way down her back. A dress that hit about mid-thigh, a length she was definitely not used to.

"How can this be," she thought out loud, startled by her teen-age sounding voice.

Ten years had made a huge change in her life. She was now 15.

She looked around her room. A bed with a lace comforter and a canopy. Rock band posters on the wall. On her dresser were a notebook and a pile of textbooks. She looked at them. Algebra, U.S. History, Biology... "Oh no, high school subjects," she thought. Going to high school...well the thought scared her.

And looking in the dresser drawer didn't comfort her any more. Small, lacy teen bras in her B-cup size and sexy silky bikini panties to match.

The closet made her feel worse still, if it was possible at that point. Teen clothes. Dresses, blouses, skirts and jeans all sized to fit her nubile young body. And a cheerleader outfit... "Oh my," she thought. "How could I ever do that?"

"What caused this?" she wondered nearing panic. Then a fuzzy memory came back to her. She was holding the teddy bear and making a wish when this happened.

The bear. Maybe she could wish on it and undo this. "But where was it," she thought, looking around the unfamiliar room. Nowhere to be seen. Not on the bed, the desk or the dresser.

The thought that she might not find it and would have to stay in this body brought tears to her eyes.

She had to find that bear. Back to the closet. She pulled down a box from the shelf above those clothes (she had a hard time thinking of them as her clothes).

The box looked to be leading her on the right track. Discarded toys of childhood spilled out as she dumped the box. Jumprope, jacks, Barbie doll, an Operation game cover the floor.

Digging into the pile she feels it first. Something fuzzy and comforting. Jennifer pushed aside the discarded toys of childhood and there it was. Her teddy bear.

She hugged it excitedly to her breasts like a small child would and wished with all her heart.

"Change me back little bear. I do not want to be like this. Don't want to. Don't wanna!"

Suddenly the changes began. She and the room changed suddenly.

Gone were the b-cup breasts and the mid-thigh dress. Gone were the canopied bed and the high-school textbooks.

Her body...flat chested with a small round belly and a hint of baby fat. Her hair was barely brushing her shoulders. Her dress now stopped high on her thighs, barely covering cotton briefs emblazoned with Barney and Baby Bop.

Barney posters had replaced the rock star posters on the walls. The bed canopy was gone, replaced by a headboard of plastic that looked like a playhouse.

She ran to the dresser. On top, the high school textbooks had transformed, "Dr Suess's A B C's" and "Goodnight Moon" in their place. Opening the drawer, she saw no bras. Just a pile of cotton briefs with a variety of cartoon characters printed on them.

The closet was filled with short, frilly dresses.

The door to her room opened. Standing in it was her mother. "Jenny, what did you do? You dumped that box of big girl toys on the floor. I can't imagine how you even got it down from the shelf," said her mother reproachfully.

"Sowwy, Mommy," lisped kindergartener Jenny. "I'll cwean it up," she replied, dropping the teddy bear on her bed.

It was a small price to pay for being returned to normal, she thought.

The end

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