A while back, I posted a picture and challenged anyone to write a story that fit it. ARthur did a great job, and here is the result. At the very bottom of this page is the picture. ARthur generously granted me permission to post the story.

Who You Gonna Call?


By ARthur


Arm-in-arm, the giggling couple made its way down the third floor hall of an exclusive apartment complex, stopping ever so often to pinch and tweak each other's anatomy. Finally stopping before one door, the curvy woman reached into her tiny purse for the key, while the subtly handsome man stared at the name on the door's plaque.


"Ruby Sliparr. How did a sexy little gal like you get a name like that?" the man asked. "My parents thought they had a sense of humor. They named my older sister Bunny, and my kid brother Oxford, although they call him Fuzzy," Ruby giggled as she plunged the key into the lock. "But I'm very glad your parents named you Kevin Longbaugh," she added, wrapping her arms around the broad-shouldered man's neck.


Kevin pulled Ruby against his body, squeezing first her thighs, them her pert little rear cheeks. "Oh, Mr. Longbaugh," Ruby squealed with delight, "I feel your baugh getting longer."


Smiling broadly, Kevin planted a wet kiss on Ruby's perfect lips, which after nearly a minute, Ruby interrupted by placing her finger of Kevin's jar and pushing it away. "Save it for later. The neighbors will talk," Ruby giggled.


Entering Ruby's apartment, Kevin gushed, "I wish I met you years ago. You're so unlike my wife Pearl. Sometimes, she can be such a witch"


"We'll have no more talk about your wife this evening," Ruby said sternly, but lightly added, "Why don't you get us some drinks. You know where I keep the liquor."


As Kevin visited the kitchen, Ruby prepared herself for their usual bout of "bed wrestling." She unzipped the back of her little black dress and allowed it to drop to the floor. Stepping out of the dress and her 3-inch heel shoes, Ruby also unhooked her bejeweled necklace and dropped it into a nearby drawer. Now clad only in her undies - a sexy low-cut black lace bra, with matching bikini panties and garter belt, a thigh-high sheer black stockings - Ruby climbed onto the sofa and struck her best sex kitten pose.


As she carefully positioned her body to best show off her stunning figure, Ruby felt a sudden chill in the air. Looking around, she saw the door was closed, and no windows open. Resuming the pose she thought would best excite Kevin, Ruby suffered a feeling in her brain that there was a strange presence in the room. Looking around, she saw nothing.


"Must be watching too many ghost stories on television," Ruby thought as she proceeded to fine-tune her semi-clad pose on the sofa. All the while, she failed to notice that she had begun to shrink, probably due to the fact that her undies contracted with her body. Smaller and still smaller, Ruby's body deflated along the lines of reverse growth, with her full 38D chest retracting into the A cups before flattening out, and her legs and arms losing their muscular roundness to adopt the skinny contours of a girl.


Kevin eagerly returned from the kitchen, carrying two glasses and a bottle of spearmint schnapps. But his pleasure quickly evaporated as he spotted the now strange figure grinning back at him on the sofa. It was a girl no older than 8 wearing black lingerie that snugly fit her chubby child's body.


"My eyes don't usually play tricks like this until after the eighth schnapps," Kevin thought.


The lingerie-clad girl smiled at Kevin and asked, "What's the matter? Have I succeeded in stunning you into silence?" Adopting a more sultry tone, which didn't mesh with her now higher-pitched girl's voice, Ruby continued. "You think you are a big, strong, handsome man; but I know you're just a naughty boy. Well, I'm a naughty girl," Ruby breathlessly said, pursing her lips into a simulated kiss.


By now, Kevin's stomach was spinning at 78 rpms. "Excuse me, little girl, but you don't look old enough to be sharing schnapps with me," he nervously stuttered.


"Don't flatter me," the rejuvenated Ruby giggled. "My I.D.s in my purse. Now come join me on the sofa."


"I'd rather not," Kevin replied with a hint of terror registering in his voice. "Aw, is the big strong man scared of little me?" Ruby replied, as she began to move with feline precision toward him. All the while, Kevin, his knees now knocking noticeably, kept thinking to himself, "I am not a Humbert."


Standing up, Ruby grabbed Kevin's hand and looked up at his face. "You treated me to dinner and the theater. Now I'm ready to give you your reward," Ruby purred in a soprano voice.


But Ruby suddenly noticed that Kevin's face seemed much further away than normal. Putting her head at normal tilt, she now looked directly into Kevin's lower chest, not his chin as before. Patting her body, she found her well-toned breasts missing, which prompted her to utter, "What in hell"


But Kevin had additional problems to worry about. A beefy man holding a camcorder faded into view. "Great footage," he growled in a gravely voice.


Momentarily shocked, Kevin then realized what the recorded images of him with a lingerie-clad girl could do to him. He'd be ruined; unable to hold a job, perhaps sent to jail. He lunged at the man, demanding the camera, and screaming, "How dare you set me up!"


Seeing Kevin attempt to punch the man, Ruby ran to her bedroom so quickly that she failed to notice that the man disappeared before Kevin made contact. Kevin fled the apartment.


In her bedroom, Ruby caught her image in her full-length closet mirror. Staring back at her was a rouged little girl in form fitting lingerie who looked more comical than sexy. "When did this happen?" Ruby thought. But her mirror then produced a scarier image - a golden-haired woman holding a tin box containing the name of a Danish cookie manufacturer. "Who are you?" Ruby meekly asked.


"Looks like you're not half the woman you thought you were," the woman chuckled, adding, "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Pearl Longbaugh, Kevin's wife. I think your little romance is over."


"But what - how did you get into my apartment?" little Ruby asked. "I just walked in with Bruno," Pearl answered. "But I didn't see you," Ruby protested.


"You remember Kevin telling you his wife acted like a witch sometimes? He doesn't know the half of it - or ever will know because I'll never reveal my full self to him," Pearl chuckled, adding, "Oh, and thanks for the performance. With this footage in storage, Kevin will never think of straying again. Now he'll stay home and help me produce a large family - all girls, I hope."


"I won't let you blackmail Kevin. He was going to divorce you to marry me," Ruby protested, striking a defiant hands-on-hips pose.


"Maybe I haven't made you young enough," Pearl sneered. This statement made Ruby shudder. Obviously, Pearl had already made her younger. How else could she explain her current diminished stature.


Deciding she didn't want to antagonize Pearl further, she pleaded, "I'll stay away from Kevin forever if you restore me to my old age." Pearl just laughed, "I like you just the way you are. Enjoy going back to third grade, dearie," she added, walking out with the cookie tin under her arm.


Ruby's trembling soon gave way a feeling of anger. "Who is she to do this to me?" Ruby said, staring at her very youthened body.


Giving chase, Ruby couldn't find Pearl, but also couldn't get back into her apartment, her key being inside in her purse. Seeking shelter, Ruby went to her car in the parking lot, fished out the duplicate keys housed in a magnetic pouch on the undercarriage, and climbed into the front seat. Sitting behind the steering wheel, Ruby could barely see out the windshield, and her stubby, skinny legs did not reach the gas or brake pedals.


"I'm too small to drive. I'm doomed," Ruby thought to herself.


At that moment, a white van pulled up behind Ruby's car. She gawked in amazement as the side door opened to reveal a cute little redheaded girl in a pleated A-line dress with a busy multicolor pattern.


"I heard reports on the police radio about a little girl in black lingerie walking aimlessly around this apartment complex. The police are coming to pick you up. If you don't want to end up in the foster care system, join me in this van," the girl said. Ruby quickly complied. To her surprise, the van was manned completely by little girls like herself.


"What is this? And who are you all?" Ruby asked. The girl simply handed Ruby a business card that read: "American Association to Aid Age-Regressed Girls. Zephyr Cassidy, Executive Director."


"You can call us AAAARG for short," Zephyr said.


Reading the puzzled look on Ruby's face, Zephyr provided answers. "You think you're unique? Ha! We're all age-regressed girls in here. Until recently, I was a 34-year-old woman who operated her own security business." She pointed a the girl driving the van while sitting on a booster seat with leg extensions enabling her to reach the pedals. "And that's Ryoko, who was an ace mechanic and backup driver on the Indy Car circuit," Zephyr noted. She then called attention to the girl sitting before a computer and communications center. "And this girl is Naomi. She was the CIA's top code buster until"


"Until what?" Ruby inquired. Pulling the lingerie-clad 8-year-old closer, Zephyr whispered, "Until she - and all of us - ran afoul of the Hedweigians."


"This is ridiculous! I don't believe any of this," Ruby snickered. Frowning, Zephyr hoisted her skirt to reveal herself to also be wearing shrunken Victoria's Secret lingerie, hers being strawberry red.


"Okay, I believe. But who are the Hedweigians?" Ruby inquired.


"The Hedweigians are a very secret sect of witches that dates back to at least 200 BC in what is now northwestern Germany," Zephyr explained. "They are so secret that, having limited membership to females, they don't even tell their husbands, whom they use strictly to produce offspring to train as future Hedweigian witches."


She added, "Please explain how you became an 8-year-old." Ruby related the whole sordid tale.


"This Pearl Longbaugh certainly fits the profile of a Hedweigian witch," Zephyr said. "All the elements are there. The inability to see the witch and their virtual accomplice until they are ready to reveal themselves. You realize Bruno was only a creation of Hedweigian magic. He wasn't real, only like a solid hologram.


"And the use of the classic Hedweigian 'age capture' spell, in which they pull aging from your body into a closed receptacle. That is why Pearl was carrying the cookie tin. Your lost years of aging were in that tin," Zephyr emphasized.


"How can that be?" Ruby asked in full astonishment.


"Hedweigian magic moves along unused portions of the light spectrum," Zephyr explained. "By manipulating light, they can become invisible until they want to be seen. Also, had you noticed it while you were rejuvenating, you would have seem little balls of green vapor flying from your body, upwards into that cookie tin. Had those vaporous balls not been captured, they would have dissipated into the air and have been neutralized."


"But why capture one's aging?" Ruby asked in increased puzzlement.


"Hedweigians collect the stolen years of victims to use for blackmail, and to pass onto particularly talented new members of the sect," Zephyr said. "A girl trainee who displays the ability to learn and use spells beyond her years is allowed to inhale these captured age vapors. This instantly ages the girl into a woman, so she can immediately become a full-fledged witch and begin to reproduce and create new girls to pad the sect's membership in future years.


"You're lucky Pearl saved your stolen years. If you can get the cookie tin and inhale its contents, you can be restored to your old age," Zephyr explained. "We weren't that lucky, which is why we are stuck as little girls.'"


"My research indicates that it takes up to 20 years after having been rejuvenated under a Hedweigian spell before a body begins to age again," Naomi explained.


"One more question. About Kevin?" Ruby asked.


"I'm sure Pearl staged your rejuvenation when she did for the sole purpose of trapping Kevin in a socially intolerable sexual situation," Zephyr explained. "With that tape in her possession, she can keep Kevin at home and away from other women. And with another Hedweigian spell, she can raise his need for sex. Stuck at home, Kevin will have nowhere to turn but Pearl, which increases her chances of producing future Hedweigian witches."


"Besides, even if you were to meet Kevin, you wouldn't appeal to him. Reduced to an 8-year-old girl, your body has been desexualized. Pearl covered all bases," Naomi chimed in.


"Well, let's go find that cookie tin," Ruby eagerly suggested.


"Speaking from experience, we at AAAARG know that you will never find the tin at Pearl's home. Hedweigian witches never leave sect-related things where their husbands can find them," Zephyr noted.


Ruby was encouraged to provide pertinent information she knew about Pearl to Naomi, who entered it into her computer. The results were instantaneous: "Pearl Longbaugh, staff nurse at Thomas Hardy Grammar School, 4114 Howard St." Naomi added, "Here's a telling bit of data. The school has a Magic Club. I bet Pearl is training her new coven-mates at the school, so it's likely your cookie tin is somewhere in there."


"Then let's go," said Ruby, only to be stopped dead by Zephyr holding onto her garter belt, letting it stretch, and then allowing it to snap back on Ruby. "That hurts," Ruby winced.


"You can't go to into a grade school building dressed in age-inappropriate lingerie. You have to look like you belong there," Zephyr said. "Fortunately, AAAARG is always prepared to infiltrate the Hedweigian enemy," she said as she walked Ruby to a clothing rack in the rear of the van.


Pulling off a size 8 white blouse and blue plaid skirt, Zephyr handed it to Ruby. "This is the school uniform at Hardy," she explained to Ruby, who looked at the clothing with disdain. "This has a JC Penney label in it," Ruby whined. "I have a Versace gown in my closet"


"And if you ever want to get back into that gown, you'll wear these," Zephyr scowled. She then handed Ruby plain white girl's underwear to replace her lingerie. Ruby responded by grumbling that the crop top shirt didn't even have cups, and donned them under protest. Zephyr put on a matching outfit.


"And remember, we'll be in great danger at the school. That 'age capture' spell is the Hedweigian's signature. They use it against anyone they perceive as an enemy. We'll have to be extremely careful. If not, we could be age regressed before birth - and out of existence," Zephyr warned Ruby, who swallowed hard at the very thought.


The next morning, the AAAARG van rolled up to the Hardy school and deposited the uniformed Ruby and Zephyr. "See you after school, Mom," Zephyr yelled into the van to no one in particular, knowing that the tinted windows obscured an inside view.


Zephyr, who continued to wear her utilitarian hairdo, looked like a typical third grader. But Ruby, seeking a more glamorous look, had carefully combed her long brunette hair into peak-a-boo bangs. She also carried a denim-look school bag, and wore well-polished black patent leather girl's shoes with ankle straps, despite Zephyr's warning that she couldn't move as fast in them than in sneakers with pocked soles.


The two girls began to scour the school for the nurse's station, or wherever Pearl Longbaugh would tend to the medical needs of sick students - and hide things associated with her practice of Hedweigian sorcery. Zephyr urged caution, as Pearl's trainees could be afoot, and could complicate their secret mission.


The girls' efforts to maintain a low profile seemed to vanish when Ruby spotted her old boyfriend Paul, whom she dated a few years back and was now apparently working at the school. Paul was amazed to see the 8-year-old schoolgirl with her left hand posed seductively behind her neck, and a come-hither look on her face. "Fancy meeting you here, Paul," little Ruby purred as she brushed against the grown man.


After looking quizzical for a moment, Paul broke into a big grin, patted Ruby on her head, and said, "If you were only 16 years older." Zephyr elbowed Ruby so hard it nearly knocked her off balance. "Do you want to blow our cover?" Zephyr growled in her tomboyish voice. "Force of habit," Ruby mumbled.


The girls finally located the school infirmary, and saw Pearl sitting at a desk within view of the door.


"She probably has the cookie can with your age vapors hidden somewhere in there. We'll have to come back later and search it while Pearl's at lunch," Zephyr advised Ruby.


To pass the time, the two set up camp in the girls' bathroom. Reaching into the pocket of her skirt, Ruby produced a small packet. "Cigarette?" she asked her tiny compadre. "Naw, I prefer these," replied Zephyr, who produced one of those skinny black Russian cigars so popular with European businessmen. Lighting up, the girls soon produced a thin haze of tobacco smoke a few feet above their heads.


"So what's your story. How did you get zapped by the Hedweigians?" Ruby queried.


"I had set up some security cameras in an apartment complex like where you lived," Zephyr said as she exhaled a cloud of cigar smoke. "Checking them out to make sure they were recording properly, I found one had taped Ryoko being regressed by a Hedweigian witch who mistook her cordial friendship with her husband as something more than it was. After locating Ryoko, I took her and the tape to the police. But the female officer to which I was referred also was a Hedweigian witch, so here I am today."


"But why are you with AAAARG? Why not just go and live with your parents?" Ruby inquired.


"Too independent for that. Besides, I'm extremely angry with what the Hedweigians did to others, mostly talented or beautiful women, and me" Zephyr said gritting her teeth. "I formed AAAARG with Ryoko to combat and eliminate the Hedweigians, and to provide help to their victims. And we've had some successes in getting some victims age vapors back"


"Hey, just like the X-Men or the Teen Titans," Ruby grinned.


"We're not superheroines, but we use what skills we have to peak ability," Zephyr smiled. "We even have nicknames based on these skills. The innovative Ryoko is Wrench Wench; Naomi is Minibyte. Me? I'm The Tooth."


"But how do you fight the Hedweigians?" Ruby asked as she lit a second cigarette.


"It's hard when you're at or under 4-feet tall. You lose in hand-to-hand combat," Zephyr said. "But because their magic is ancient, it has no defense against modern electronics. And then there are mirrors"


The conversation was suddenly interrupted when giant hands grabbed the arms of both girls. It was frumpish assistant principal Amanda Bosley, who growled, "They start earlier every year," and marched the two to the office of Principal Lucien Newcombe.


"Smoking at your young age! Don't you know it will stunt your growth?" Lucien sternly admonished Ruby and Zephyr, who looked down at their rejuvenated bodies and thought, "Can't get any worse than this."


"What are your names?" Lucien added. "Ruby Sliparr," Ruby answered truthfully. "Don't be impudent with me, missy. Your real name!" Lucien said in angered tones. He swiveled his chair around to look out his window, stating, "You have one minute to answer truthfully." Ruby reached into denim school bag.


Sure that his actions were terrorizing the 8-year-old, Lucien quickly swiveled back toward the girls and plunged his face toward Ruby, demanding, "Now what is your name!" He saw Ruby with her shrunken garter belt stretched as far as she could pull it. Releasing the far end, the belt snapped back, hitting Lucien between the eyes.


Zephyr grabbed Ruby's hand and pulled her quickly toward the office exit. But Amanda blocked the door. Ruby, who had stuffed her garter belt back in her bag, now produced her reduced flat-cup bra. Handing Zephyr one side of the undergarment, the two ran to opposite sides of Amada, caught her just above the ankles, and caused her to fall forward.


"Welcome to the team, Lingerie Girl," Zephyr congratulated Ruby, who had repocketed her lacy weapons.


Hearing Amanda howling behind them, the girls ran as fast they could. Quickly rounding a corner, they ran smack into two older girls wearing eighth grade ribbons on their blouses. "What's going on here," one of the older girls demanded. Zephyr quickly explained that they had been caught smoking in the washroom and were trying to avoid being put in detention. The older girls grinned.


"I'm Barbara and this is Amber," one girl said. "We don't think smoking is an offense. We'll help you hide." Zephyr and Ruby agreed, so they let the older girl each take one of them by the hand and walk them to safety down the school halls. That is, until they saw their destination - the school infirmary.


In the ensuing struggle to break the older girls' grips on their hands, only Zephyr was successful, having planted her teeth into Amber's arm. With Zephyr (aka The Tooth) quickly disappearing around a corner, the two girls concentrated on bringing Ruby into the infirmary.


"Didn't expect to see you again so soon," Pearl glowered at a frightened Ruby. Turning to the older girls, she asked where Ruby's partner was. A whimpering Amber told of how Zephyr bit her, and showed the bite marks as proof.


"Poor baby," Pearl grumbled as she applied antiseptic to the tiny wound. "A couple of eighth graders couldn't handle a third grader. I'm disappointed."


Turning back to Ruby, Pearl wickedly smiled. "I think you already met Barbara and Amber. They're members of the Magic Club, where I am teaching them everything I know."


"About Hedweigian magic?" Ruby stuttered. "Why yes," Pearl musically replied, before adding, "You certainly learned a lot in a hurry. I'll have to fix you before you become a bother."


At that moment, a 22-month-old baby girl toddled into the office, eating a slice a toast slathered with grape jam, some of which was on the girl's face. Pearl pointed to the girl and admonished Ruby, "When you were trying to steal my husband Kevin, you didn't realize you'd be taking him away from his baby daughter and my Hedweigian heir Opal?"


Pearl then turned to Barbara. "It's final exam time, Barbara. Let's see how well you learned the classic Hedweigian 'age capture' spell. I think Opal could use a playmate."


Barbara grinned like the Cheshire Cat, and soon, all that was left of her was her grin. Refracting light, she all but disappeared to Ruby, who was suddenly tripped to the floor. Looking upwards, Ruby saw what appeared to be a thousand points of vaporous green blobs rising from her body. As her school uniform began to feel increasingly outsized, Ruby watched Barbara capture her age vapor balls in a Tupperware bowl, slap on the lid and burp it to make the seal airtight. Ruby could see the balls bouncing around inside.


Ruby then sat herself up and surveyed the damage. She now had the body of an 18-month-old baby, draped in a now monstrous blouse and skirt. "Point deductions for failing to resize her clothing. You get a C-," Pearl sneered at Barbara.


Barbara picked Ruby up out of her clothes, stating, "I think Opal's diapers will fit her quite snugly." Her eyes wide in terror, Ruby reacted with a battle technique recently learned from Zephyr. She buried her eight tiny teeth into Barbara's arm. Screaming, she dropped the infant Ruby, who crawled under the infirmary bed, shouting, "Only high couture will cover this body." But as she was razzing Barbara, Amber reached in from the other side and snared her legs.


Amber displayed the struggling Ruby to Pearl, who frowned mightily. "Before you diaper her, give her a bath. She's filthy," Pearl oozed. Noticing the jelly stains on her baby's face, she added, "And you can bathe Opal too, while you're at it."


A porcelain tub was placed on a table and filled with warm water. The two eighth graders then plunked the two babies into it.


Opal was pleased to have a bathmate. Smiling broadly, the baby splashed water at Ruby, who demanded that she "Stop that!" several times before retaliating. Hit in her own face with water, Opal began to cry. Amber grabbed Ruby by the hand and stood her up, before raining several smacks onto Ruby's naked rump. "How do you like that?" Amber sneered. "Up your's," Ruby replied, prompting Amber to administer several more spanks.


Ruby was less than pleased with Amber's baby bathing skills, as she repeatedly got soap in her eyes and mouth. "So keep them shut," was Amber's reply. But the worst offense was committed by Opal. Watching Opal form a peculiar look on her face, Ruby noticed turbulence from the baby's direction. "She's peeing in the water," Ruby screamed as she broke Amber's grip, hopped out of the tub, and ran away.


Dripping water with every step, Ruby was pursued by Amber into Pearl's office, where she sought refuge under the desk. Trying to avoid Amber, Ruby became tangled in assorted wires. Pearl's computer soon toppled from the desk onto the floor.


"Our wisdom and techniques are ancient, so we have no spells for restoring a 21st century appliance," Pearl said as she buried her head in her hands.


Viewing Ruby back in Amber's arms, Pearl told the eighth grader, "Now its your final exam. Let's see how well you learned the ancient Hedweigian 'age capture' spell. Make Ruby too young to do anything." Placed stomach-down on the floor, Ruby could only feel a towel bunch under her body as it contracted. She knew it had ended when she heard Amber burp a smaller Tupperware container.


Pearl was unimpressed with Amber's ability. "I could still see you while you worked the spell. You get a D+," she said.


On the floor, Ruby tried to get up but couldn't. Her tiny arms produced almost no push. Her legs were practically useless. She couldn't even sit up. All she could do was rock back and forth a little.


Pearl picked up Ruby, who now had the body of a two-week-old infant. Cradling the former woman in only one arm, she asked Ruby how she felt. "Gooooo," was all Ruby could say, no longer able to form words.


"This is how the clothing resizing spell is done, girls," Pearl said as she whisked her index finger over one of Opal's disposable diapers. It immediately shrunk from Large to Newborn. With an ample puff of baby powder, Pearl soon had Ruby encased in the diaper.


Cuddled in Pearl's left arm, Ruby blew her top as best a newborn can. She repeatedly tapped her free hand on the nearest part of Pearl's body, her left breast. Pearl smiled at the reduced Ruby. "I think our baby is hungry," Pearl interpreted Ruby's actions.


Opening her nurse's uniform, Pearl undid the Velcro strip on her nursing bra and pulled down the cup. "Time to belly up to the bra, dearie," Pearl sarcastically said as she moved Ruby's head toward her nipple. Despite her attempts to avoid the humiliating experience, Ruby soon got a bust in her mouth. Unable to resist, she latched onto the nipple and nursed energetically. Aghast that she was pulling mouthful after mouthful of milk from Pearl, she somehow found the experience wonderful, although inwardly, she felt horrible.


After five minutes, Pearl inserted her index finger and broke the suction. "Got to save some for Opal," she said, as she handed the helpless Ruby to the two eight graders, ordering them to "Take care of her."


In the adjoining room, Barbara pulled out her handy Pocket Guide to Hedweigian Spells. Uttering some unintelligible phrases, she waved her index finger over her chest area. Ruby's eyes grew big as she saw Barbara's A-cup breasts swell larger. Opening her blouse and pulling up her bra, Barbara asked Ruby, "Still hungry, baby?"


Barbara pushed her milk-engorged nipple into Ruby's mouth, and the baby again began to nurse involuntarily. "Enjoying my milk?" Barbara sneered, as Ruby noticed through one eye that Amber had the Pocket guide, and was repeating the spell. "My turn," Amber shrieked, as Ruby got her third breastfeeding of the day.


Drunk on all the milk, Ruby felt very sleepy. Placed on a towel on the infirmary table, Ruby was dozing when she caught sight of a welcome object no more than six feet away. It was the Tupperware container Amber had filled with her "age balls" during her most recent regression by Hedweigian magic. Fighting off sleep, Ruby squirmed and finally began to slowly roll across the table toward the container.


Reaching the container, Ruby remembered what Zephyr told her. "Carefully lift off the lid and inhale the balls of green vapor as they emerge." But her tiny fingers had a hard time with the airtight lid. What would be easy for an adult, or even a little girl, was hard for her as a newborn. But slowly, she liberated the lid from the container.


Inhaling the greenish vapor, Ruby could feel herself growing back to 18-months-old. The diaper became tight around the waist before popping off. Feeling stronger, Ruby sat up. What remained of her hair stood on end when Amber noticed her regrowth and shouted, "Hey!"


But just as Barbara's and Amber's attention was focused on the older Ruby, two more girls appeared at the infirmary door, demanding the release of Ruby and the containers holding her "age vapors." It was Zephyr and Ryoko, the latter holding behind her body a large unidentifiable object.


"Just turn them into babies," a bored Pearl told her two protégés.


Amber immediately launched into the technique of the "age capture" spell, and cast it in the direction of Ryoko. The AAAARG driver waited for the final moment before pulling out the object - a huge mirrored shield. Knowing from careful study that Hedweigian spells were delivered over a frequency in the spectrum of light, they could be deflected. By carefully placing the shield, Ryoko succeeded in deflecting the spell in Pearl's direction.


Attempting to duck, Pearl absorbed the spell at the back of her head. Immediately, thousands of balls of green vapor wafting from her body. Noticing her body rapidly rejuvenating, Pearl attempted to save her age vapors. With no container handy, she dumped the contents of her coffee cup on her desk and held is above her head. Most of the vapor balls missed the tiny vessel, which Pearl dropped as her youthening body lost the battle to stay balanced in her high-heel shoes. Landing painfully of her rump with her nurse's uniform mostly fallen from the top of her body, Pearl could only look pitifully as her 25 years of aging burbled wastefully into the air.


Pearl's two protégés gazed in horror as their leader diminished before their eyes. They were now on their own in their battle with Wrench Wench and The Tooth. It was now two against two. The odds had evened, and they would have to make every hit count. But they no longer had someone present who could think those things out for them.


Nervously, Barbara next went into the "age capture" spell, and after feinting toward Ryoko, aimed it at Zephyr. Ryoko tossed the shield at Zephyr, who hid directly behind it when the spell hit. The spell bounced back at Barbara, who jumped out of the way, allowing it to hit Amber.


"You stupid," Amber screamed as the spell slammed into her chest, knocking her backward. Watching the age balls quickly pour from her body, Amber furiously waved her arms, trying to deflect them back toward her body. Rising to capture those vapors already out of her reach, Amber's pink cotton panties fell to her ankles and tripped her forward. Now already younger than Zephyr and getting still younger, Amber did the only thing she could still do. She bawled like a baby.


"Two down and one to go," Zephyr yelled.


Barbara began to wonder, "Are these girls really that good, or were they just lucky?" She decided the latter was true and again launched into the spell. Repeatedly feinting at either of the two girls, she forced them to toss the shield between them. But one toss ended short of Zephyr's reach. The shield hit the ground and shattered. Barbara grinned and pitched the spell directly at Zephyr, who would have been hit had a shiny black patent leather shoe not been placed in the spell's path. Holding the shoe was 18-month-old Ruby.


The ricocheting spell bounced back at Barbara, who mouth agape and in total shock made no effort to avoid her own handiwork. Hit in the stomach, Barbara was knocked on her rump, where she just sat defeated, shrinking into her clothing, waving bye-bye with her right hand as her age vapors climbed toward heaven.


This sight excited Zephyr and Ryoko, who celebrated by wrapping their arms around each other, jumping up and down, and screaming - well, screaming like a couple of little girls.


Ruby spied the Tupperware bowl holding her age balls from Barbara's spell. Opening it, she breathed in the greenish vapor and quickly grew back to 8-years-old.


"I think I saw the cookie tin in Pearl's office," Ruby said, eager to be restored back to 24-years-old. But her joy crashed as she entered the office and saw the one-year-old Pearl holding the open tin. She had apparently tried to use Ruby's age vapors to restore her age, but fell off the chair, and spilled them into the atmosphere, where they dissipated and became ineffective.


Her heart sunk, Ruby wailed, "Now I'm stuck as a little girl like you." Zephyr just smiled, handed Ruby the girl's panty she earlier shrunk out of, and remarked, "Then why don't you join our team? AAAARG can always use a brave girl with good aim and a knack for finding the weapon in clothing."


In the aftermath of the battle, the once scary Pearl just sat on the floor with a pitiful look on her face. The teacher witch was now a 12-month old baby who couldn't walk and could only half pronounce words. She could no longer recite her once feared spells.


Worse, Pearl was now 10 months younger than her own baby was. Opal toddled up to Pearl, looked down on her, and then reached down to pat her chest. Finding the well had gone dry; Opal walked away and never looked at Pearl again.


The AAAARG girls cleaned up the scene of the battle, disposing of the clothing the three witches had shrunk out of. They also diapered the now one-year-old witches. While Pearl and Barbara remained stoic, Amber wouldn't stop crying, even as Ryoko repeatedly offered her a pacifier. So Zephyr took command, cuddling the regressed eighth grader, talking to her in soothing tones, tickling her chest, and finally offering her a baby bottle. Amber's little mouth began to rhythmically pump until the contents vanished. After burping Amber over her shoulder, Zephyr smiled at her and said, "You're going to be a good baby now, aren't you?" Amber smiled back in babbling affirmation.


By now, Ruby had put her school uniform back on. Spotting the diapered witches, she confronted them, reminding them of the indignities they caused her. As she threatened a good spanking to all, the baby witches burst into loud tears. Zephyr intervened.


"I know what they did to you hurts, but they're babies now," Zephyr reminded Ruby. "At their current ages, their adult memories will erase in a few weeks. They won't even remember being witches, so what good will beating them now do?" Ruby agreed that Zephyr was right.


The AAAARG girls placed the infantized witches in open wicker baskets and deposited them with a sympathetic employee at a local hospital, who would later direct them into the foster care system. It was hoped that they would soon be adopted into loving families that would raise them in a less evil environment than the last time.


Ruby was given the honor of returning baby Opal to Kevin. Warned by Zephyr not to act overheated when confronting Kevin, Ruby merely smiled broadly as she handed the child to be father. Kevin patted Ruby on the head and gave her a bag of candy. "You're going to be a beautiful woman some day," Kevin said, not recognizing Ruby as his former mistress.


"Another Hedweigian coven disabled," Zephyr cheered, as the girls rode off in their van.


"By the way, where does AAAARG gets funds for its operations," new team member Ruby asked.


"We all work little jobs; stuff little girls can do," Zephyr replied. "Naomi sets up home computer systems for older customers of Best Buy. Ryoko instructs younger kids in the fine art of steering go-carts at Kiddie Land. And I spy for the police in getting drugs out of grade schools.


"So what did you do before you became a little girl, Ruby?" Zephyr added. "I was a fashion model," Ruby noted with pride. "Then I know where you can work," Zephyr said.


Ruby soon had all the photo shoots she could handle, modeling children's clothing for many of the large mail order catalogs and department stores.


At a most recent shoot, where Ruby was to model floral-print girl's undies, she found one of the other models very sad. "Cheer up! We're only doing a job for good money," Ruby told the blonde-haired girl.


"I don't mind modeling," the girl said. "I did a lot of it last time I was a child." Ruby's ears perked up. "What do you mean, you're a child again?" she asked.


"You'll think this is crackers, but I'm really Emma Lee Bunton; you know, Baby Spice of the Spice Girls," the girl said in near tears. "I was in my boyfriend Jade's atrium, when suddenly, I was an 8-year-old girl wearing only yellow panties. Jade didn't recognize me and chased me out. And while outside, I saw this nasty-looking woman carrying a tin for Stewart's Shortbread Biscuits, yelling, 'Now maybe you'll think twice about recording songs that bewitch my fiancée, like on your last solo album.'"


Ruby rushed to the dressing room and pulled out an encrypted two-way radio. "Hey, Naomi, have Ryoko drive the van to 100 Century Blvd.," she said. "We have another client!"




Subject: ...and now, The Credits




The story you have just read, 'Who You Gonna Call?' is true. None of the names have been changed to spare the main characters humiliation. In fact, if you want to view Ruby's most recent modeling session, go to: (see below) Ruby is the brunette on the right; Emma is the blonde on the left.


No, really! Thanks for posting the picture, Capst. My story kind of grew out of my effort to write a tale based on that photo. My appreciation for the inspiration.


Also, thanks to Nom for challenging me to write a tale in which a woman, not knowing she has ARed, continues to act adult in a child's body. It's all in Parts 1 and 3.


This was posted somewhere and purported to be pre-Spice Girl Emma(l) and another girl modeling underwear in a British kidswear catalog.

Is it real?

You be the judge.


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