AR Shorts Five

AR Shorts are quick stories inspired by a photograph found on the web.

Picture and story are together on a page.

Stories 401 to 500 are below.

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Feel free to contribute by sending a jpeg or gif (or the web location) and a text file to I'll assemble and post them.


401. The Solution to Homlessness by Mandy

402. Artifact by ARthur

403. Imagine That! by ARthur

404. Take a Spin by Mandy

405. Web Trap by ARthur

406. Just Desserts by ARthur

407. Youthful Indiscretions by ARthur

408. Adapted by ARthur

409. The Bride's Bride to Be by WR

410. Kissed Off by ARthur

411. Trial and Error by ARthur

412. Got it Maid by ARthur

413. So Big! by Rekrul

414. Mardi Gras Groggies by Rekrul

415. Lifemates by Piper

416. Some Things Never Change by Mandy

417. Remote Possibility by ARthur

418. Three Strikes! by Mandy

419. The New Bike by capst

420. Phone Support by capst

421. "The Chicks" by Mandy

422. The New Car by Mandy

423. The Ceremony by Mandy

424. Where Are My Pants? by Rekrul

425. Steffy Grows Up by Rekrul

426. Brat-in-Law by ARthur

427. Little Aiko by AP Scout

428. Dress-Up Fun by ARthur

429. Unusual Feelings by ARthur

430. Little Aiko's Friend by AP Scout

431. Washed Down by ARthur

432. Online Voodoo by ARthur

433. Letter Imperfect by ARthur

434. Pleasure Break by ARthur

435. Redefined Relationship by Douglas Greene

436. The Nursery School Reversal by Rekrul

437. Revenge is a Dish... by Rekrul

438. The Three Sisters by Rekrul

439. It Must Have Been the Mushrooms by Rekrul

440. Night Out by Douglas Greene

441. Darla's New Life by Douglas Greene

442. Fred's Mistake by Douglas Greene

443. The Photographer and the Twins by Rekrul

444. Hiding by capst

445. VR Glasses by capst

446. They were Warned by Dana

447. Through the Looking Glass by Dana

448. Jennifer's Punishment by Douglas Greene



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