AR Shorts Four

AR Shorts are quick stories inspired by a photograph found on the web.

Picture and story are together on a page.

Stories 301 to 400 are below.

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Feel free to contribute by sending a jpeg or gif (or the web location) and a text file to I'll assemble and post them.


301. Yard Sale by ARthur

302. He Can't Come to the Phone Right Now by Douglas Greene

303. A Crawl to Freedom by Rekrul

304. A Happy Disease by Rekrul

305. Justice Served by ARthur

306. Walking the Walk by Roxanne

307. Vroom, vroom! by Rekrul

308. Under Arrest by ARthur

309. Messy Baby by arme

310. Let Them Eat Cark by Pix Chick

311. Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Spell by ARthur

312. The Eighteen-Year Curse by Rekrul

313. The Epidemic of Adult Babies by Rekrul

314. Bad Care by Washport84

315. AR Escapes by ARthur

316. Bye, Spy by ARthur

317. The Perfect Tan Without Lines by VAIO

318. From Highschool to Preschool Reunion by VAIO

319. Covenant by PixChick

320. A Helpless, Defenseless Young Girl by Filthy Mind

321. Shrinking the Neighbors by Rekrul

322. Not Sissies by Roxanne D'Eon

323. Be Careful What You Wish For by Filthy Mind

324. The Effects of Helium by ARnold

325. Reduced and Abandoned by ARthur

326. Trade for the Ages by PixChick

327. Scholarly Ultimatum by ARthur

328. Don't Hang Up by ARthur

329. My Mother is Such a Baby by Rekrul

330. The Business Executive by Rekrul

331. Michelle by Rekrul

332. The Grateful Son by PixChick

333. Boys and Their Toys by VAIO

334. The Trance-Formed Man by ARthur

335. Aunt Mabel by PixChick

336. Accident by capst

337. Strange Bedfellows by ARthur

338. Xandra's Problem by PixChick

339. The Competitors by PixChick

340. The Doll Collector by PixChick

341. Scrooch Gun by PixChick

342. Jenna's Lament by Douglas Greene

343. Negative Reinforcement by Douglas Greene

344. Life Goes On by Douglas Greene

345. Her Majesty Decides by ARthur

346. Different Worlds by Douglas Greene

347. Rightsized by ARthur

348. All the Time in the World by Douglas Greene

349. Crime and Punishment by Douglas Greene

350. New Perspective by Douglas Greene

351. Flying Saucer by Rekrul

352. Lai-lai's Punishment by Rekrul

353. Meet the Parents by Rekrul

354. Miss Droopy Drawers Gets Caught by Rekrul

355. The Biker's Lady by ARthur

356. Rude Awakening by Douglas Greene

357. Black Magic by Douglas Greene

358. Baby Spies by Rekrul

359. Some Cosmetics Should Do the Trick by Rekrul

360. While the Music Plays by Rekrul

361. From Cradle to Grave by Rekrul

362. Little Sis by Rekrul

363. The Perfect Specimen by ARthur

364. The Instructor by ARthur

365. Missing Person by ARthur

366. Outfoxed? by ARthur

367. Quite Right by ARthur

368. Vegas Baby by ARthur

369. Sleeping Together by capst

370. Keep Closed by ARthur

371. Losing It by ARthur

372. The Gift of Youth by ARthur

373. The Three Bare(s) by VAIO

374. Best Friends by Douglas Greene

375. And She Never Knew Why by LMNt

376. Kindred Spirits by Douglas Greene

377. Reunion by ARthur

378. Special Order by ARthur

379. The Golden Boy by Rekrul

380. Julia the Little Imp by Rekrul

381. Y Can't Tori Read by Rekrul

382. A Lack of Parental Guidance by Rekrul

383. Galenug by Rekrul

384. Don't Wake the Baby by ARthur

385. Safari by ARthur

386. Mr. Right by ARthur

387. Doctor's Appointment by Douglas Greene

388. The Beach by cARman

389. And You Thought Only Women Were Witches!!! by Mandy

390. In the Bleachers by capst

391. Demo Tape by capst

392. Kitten by capst

393. The Deep End by Mandy

394. The Bad Tooth by Mandy

395. The Bargain by capst

396. Physical Exam by capst

397. Awww Do I Hafta be a Girl? by Mandy

398. Tabloid Stuff by ARthur

399. Take-Out Food by ARthur

400. Zappy Birthday by ARthur


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