AR Shorts Two

AR Shorts are quick stories inspired by a photograph found on the web.

Picture and story are together on a page.

Stories 101 to 200 are below.

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Feel free to contribute by sending a jpeg or gif (or the web location) and a text file to I'll assemble and post them.


101. Just One More Toke by Billy

102. Survivor: The Untold Story by ARthur

103. Mr. Natural by ARthur

104. Rumors by Jeff Ranger

105. Carried Away by PixChick

106. Some Day Driver by ARthur

107. Please Patronize Our Other Advertisers by ARthur

108. Quick Fix by PixChick

109. The Changing Room by PixChick

110. Xenia in Superbia by PixChick

111. Dissatisfied Customer by ARthur

112. I'm So Cozy by Douglas Greene

113. Poi Story by PixChick

114. Jatara Explains It All by ARthur

115. The Treadmill by capst

116. Medical Center by capst

117. Hoop Schemes by PixChick

118. Zack's Really Bad Day by ARthur

119. Zimmer's Last Story by ARthur

120. Very Smart - Not! by PixChick

121. Wishing Well by ARthur

122. Stuck With Taffy by ARthur

123. Growing Up by AP Fan

124. I've Got Boobs by AP Fan

125. I've Got Boobs, Too by AP Fan

126. Wonder Woman's Faux Pas by PixChick

127. Continuum by ARthur

128. Dejuvinator by Chrono Eclipse

129. Donna and Amber by Lane2K

130. Ulterior Motive by PixChick

131. The Grown-Down by ARthur

132. The Grown-Up by Merlin

133. Kick by Lane2K

134. Billy Baby by Billy

135. I'll Show You by PixChick

136. Fit For Punishment by ARthur

137. Role Reversal by Steven B

138. My Wife, My Daughter by Steven B

139. You're Only Young Twice by PixChick

140. Poor Baby! by PixChick

141. Birthday Surprise by ARthur

142. mARtha stewARt Living by PixChick

143. Class Assignment by ARthur

144. One Night Stand by PixChick

145. Body-O-Matic by PixChick

146. Inside Addition by ARthur

147. Change in Status by Douglas Greene

148. By the Clock by PixChick

149. When Will You Ever Learn? by Douglas Greene

150. Not Listening to Your Mother by Jennifer Allison

151. Evasive Action by PixChick

152. Lollipopped by ARthur

153. Fun & Games by PixChick

154. Tricky Treat by ARthur

155. But Officer... by capst

156. Pumpkin Patch by capst

157. GummibeARs by capst

158. The Solution by Jennifer Allison

159. Good Little Boy? by Douglas Greene

160. Rattled by ARthur

161. A Trick or Treat for My Wife by Jennifer Allison

162. Lesson in Courtesy by ARthur

163. Who Let the Dogs Out? by PixChick

164. Halloween Treat by Merlin

165. Sucks-sess by PixChick

166. The Family Curse by Jennifer Allison

167. You're It! by PixChick

168. Strange Brew by ARthur

169. Touching by Douglas Greene

170. The Gourmet by ARthur

171. Twins by LMNt

172. Badass by LMNt

173. Lactose by PixChick

174. Like a Little Girl by capst

175. Monthly Visitor by Jennifer Allison

176. Quiz Show by ARthur

177. Family Reunion by LMNt

178. The Ambassador's Dilemma by ARthur

179. Meredith's Punishment by Janice

180. Repressed Memories by PixChick

181. With Help from Manny's Granny by PixChick

182. Graduate by LMNt

183. The Clone Ranger by ARthur

184. Always Read the Fine Print by Jennifer Allison

185. Weighing In by capst

186. Please Patronize Our Advertisers 8 by ARthur

187. Torched by an Angel by PixChick

188. Friday the 13th by Jennifer Allison

189. Beddybyes by Mistress Janice

190. Ogling at the Mall by Mistress Janice

191. Not What It Appears by PixChick

192. Bye Bye, Bertie by ARthur

193. The Second Time Around by Jennifer Allison

194. Xavier's AR Products Catalog by ARthur

195. CAT Scam by PixChick

196. Bridget by LMNt

197. I'm Sorry by LMNt

198. Xavier's After AR Products Catalog by ARthur

199. Two Birds With One Stone by Jennifer Allison

200. Product Recall by capst


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