AR Shorts Three

AR Shorts are quick stories inspired by a photograph found on the web.

Picture and story are together on a page.

Stories 201 to 300 are below.

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Feel free to contribute by sending a jpeg or gif (or the web location) and a text file to I'll assemble and post them.


201. Fly the Friendly Skies by PixChick

202. Please Patronize Our Advertisers 9 by ARthur

203. Whatever You Want by ARthur

204. Just My Size by ARthur

205. Just A Few More Years... by Louder

206. Morning Chitchat by LMNt

207. Birthright by ARthur

208. Patch by PixChick

209. Emily Unchanged by PixChick

210. Caught on Camera by PixChick

211. Corporate Brat by The Vaio

212. Unsolved Mystery by PixChick

213. Queen of Denial by ARthur

214. New Year's Resolution by Jennifer Allison

215. Ms. Kim in Reverse by Newbie

216. Mommy's Thirsty Little Man by Filthy Mind

217. The Baby's Kick by Filthy Mind

218. Nothing to Worry About by PixChick

219. The Rap by PixChick

220. The Caretaker by LMNt

221. Little Sew and Sew by ARthur

222. Laptop by PixChick

223. Klara's Fountain by ARthur

224. Wake Up Call by PixChick

225. On the Cheap by PixChick

226. Guinea Pig by ARthur

227. Toasted! by PixChick

228. Sweetie! by ARthur

229. Found Treasure by PixChick

230. My Turn! by ARthur

231. Celebrate! by capst

232. The Gang by capst

233. Makeup by capst

234. Measure Up by capst

235. The Nightmare by capst

236. Stop Shot by capst

237. Don't Go in the Closet by PixChick

238. Makeover by ARthur

239. How to Pick Up Men by PixChick

240. The Inventor by ARthur

241. Twenty-One by ARthur

242. Erased by LMNt

243. ARjuvian Express by PixChick

244. Subliminal Cure by ARthur

245. The Red Dress by Filthy Mind

246. The Much Younger Woman by Newbie

247. Calvin's Legacy by ARthur

248. Second Chance by Jennifer Allison

249. Your Own Fault by PixChick

250. The Skinny on Kate Maus by ARthur

251. Spoiled Rotten by PixChick

252. One-Upped by PixChick

253. On Hold by ARthur

254. ...But You Can't Hide by ARthur

255. Separation Anxiety by PixChick

256. Cordiality by ARthur

257. Vacation by PixChick

258. What I Did For Love by ARthur

259. A Mother's Day Want to be Gift by Jennifer Allison

260. Uncle Jeff/Emma by AP Scout

261. The Cheapskate by capst

262. Girls Will Be Girls...Again by ARthur

263. AR Soldier by AP Scout

264. Jenny's Confrontation by AP Scout

265. Unemployed by LMNt

266. Habits by LMNt

267. The Sin of Vanity by PixChick

268. Reducing Pills by ARthur

269. Not Funny, Jeff by ARthur

270. Instruments of Revenge by PixChick

271. Zapped by PixChick

272. The Doctor's Son by ARnold

273. Teacher's Pest by ARthur

274. cARbonated by ARthur

275. Mommy's Little Girl by Rekrul

276. Too Greedy by AP Scout

277. Watkin's Gym by capst

278. Witchie-Poo by Rekrul

279. Corrective Action by ARthur

280. Try Again by LMNt

281. Frog Prince by PixChick

282. A Kiss From Mommy by Filthy Mind

283. The Lesson by Filthy Mind

284. Purr-fect Plan by ARthur

285. You've Got Boobs by Rekrul

286. A Trip to the Beach by Filthy Mind

287. Witchie Poo: 25 Years Later by Rekrul

288. Twin Piques by ARthur

289. Immature by ARnold

290. Fixing the Social Security System by Jennifer Allison

291. Drip! Drip! Drip! by ARthur

292. Cosmetic Change by PixChick

293. The New Identity Caper by PixChick

294. Will You Raise Me? by Rekrul

295. The Empty Stroller by Rekrul

296. Modeling by ARnold

297. by Rekrul

298. Green River by PixChick

299. I Wonder by PixChick

300. Backfire by ARthur

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