AR Shorts One

AR Shorts are quick stories inspired by a photograph found on the web.

Picture and story are together on a page.

Stories 1-100 are below.

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Feel free to contribute by sending a jpeg or gif (or the web location) and a text file to I'll assemble and post them.


1. Fountain of Youth by Douglas Greene

2. Hello by Douglas Greene

3. This Morning I Was A Plumber by Douglas Greene

4. The Experiment by Douglas Greene

5. Payback by Douglas Greene

6. Please Patronize Our Advertisers by ARthur

7. Everything I Wanted by Douglas Greene

8. Smothered by Douglas Greene

9. The Check-Out Girl by Douglas Greene

10. The Pediatrician by Douglas Greene

11. The Catfight by capst

12. Alyssa and the Magic Hat by PixChick

13. How Are You Adjusting? by Douglas Greene

14. New Little Brother by Bambino Rojo

15. Things Have Changed by Bambino Rojo

16. Run! by Bambino Rojo

17. Whiney by Bambino Rojo

18. Overdose by Bambino Rojo

19. Baby Shower by Bambino Rojo

20. Cops: The Lost Episode by PixChick

21. Telemarketers by capst

22. Growing Things by Bambino Rojo

23. Bath Tyme by Bambino Rojo

24. Young Love by Bambino Rojo

25. Go Team! by Bambino Rojo

26. Your Loss by Bambino Rojo

27. The Honest Painters by ARthur

28. Horse Trading by ARthur

29. Sinking in the Bathtub by pequod

30. A Long Sentence by PixChick

31. The Greedy Sister by PixChick

32. I Dream of Elwood by ARthur

33. Please Patronize Our Advertisers 2 by ARthur

34. The Picnic by capst

35. Run For Your Age by capst

36. Please Patronize Our Advertisers 3 by ARthur

37. Please Patronize Our Advertisers 4 by ARthur

38. Please Patronize Our Advertisers 5 by ARthur

39. The Young Bride by PixChick

40. The Web by capst

41. The Panty Raid by PixChick

42. I Dream of Elwood Too by ARthur

43. Escape by Douglas Greene

44. Changes by PixChick

45. The Challenge by PixChick

46. Why Aren't You Screaming? by Douglas Greene

47. The Dancing Baby by PixChick

48. Much Ado About Oscar by PixChick

49. The Runaway by ARthur

50. The Tough Girls by capst

51. Meeting Stepmommy by PixChick

52. Come to Mama by Joseph Smith

53. Used to Be by capst

54. Careless by capst

55. The Cure by PixChick

56. A Man's Job by ARthur

57. The Remote by capst

58. Ka-lapsed by PixChick

59. Breaking the Record by PixChick

60. Journey from Aphid by ARthur

61. Farm Girl by AP Fan

62. Rose and Opal by Douglas Greene

63. Prom Date by Unknown

64. Youth Cookies by Flash

65. Magic Teddies by capst

66. Indian Giver by Douglas Greene

67. The Ultimate Humiliation by ARthur

68. Amusements by ARthur

69. AR-TV by ARthur

70. Big Sister? by capst

71. Another Night of AR-TV by ARthur

72. The Bet by PixChick

73. A Third Night of AR-TV by ARthur

74. Exchange by PixChick

75. Please Patronize Our Advertisers 6 by capst

76. Clean Your Plate by PixChick

77. Miss 51553 by PixChick

78. Pansies by capst

79. ConsumAR Reports by ARthur

80. The Boat by capst

81. The Reporter by capst

82. Please Patronize Our Advertisers 7 by PixChick

83. Summer Movies: 2001 by ARthur

84. The Maestro by PixChick

85. I've Got A Secret by Douglas Greene

86. Take Your Medicine by capst

87. Angry by capst

88. Daytime AR-TV by ARthur

89. Bank Shot by PixChick

90. The Sunlamp by Flash

91. Mandy's Trouble by Mandy

92. Cowboy Serenade by PixChick

93. The Swimsuit Model by PixChick

94. Skoal by PixChick

95. Smashing Pumpkins by capst

96. New AR Products Report by ARthur

97. Pandora's Box by PixChick

98. Beach Buddies by PixChick

99. Babysitters by PixChick (A sequel to Beach Buddies)

100! Poll Cats by PixChick



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